An amnesiac Glameow, Cleo, joins a team with two other Pokemon and tries to find her purpose.

*Soft reboot of a mystery dungeon comic from SmackJeeves



Stars Above WILL Come Back Soon!

SURPRISE! it's been far, far too long, but i'm FINALLY going to bring back stars above from the brink of death. it will not be in the form i originally mentioned i would be changing it to (written), and WILL actually be a comic, but it won't be the same as it was before - it will be black and white and in a much sketchier form with probably the very occasional colored/shaded panels or pages. i was never very motivated to work on it in a written form, honestly, so i feel like this is the best way to do it from now on.

it'll also be like, softly rebooted - i'm going to start over from the beginning because i frankly wasn't happy with how it started before. when i first started stars above years ago, i NEVER intended to post it or go anywhere with it, but now i have more of a firm goal of where i want the story to go, so i think restarting it will be the best thing for me, personally. (but you still can read the original at this archive!) it will still mostly start the same but with some changes i just think are better for pacing, and hopefully better art even with the faster and sketchy style. i'll put up the first page of the new first chapter possibly either this week or the next, but if not by then, then AT LEAST by the end of the month. im very excited to get back into stars above because i do really care about these characters! i hope what i make actually turns out well haha.

see you then, though! 


copy and pasting from a comment i made - it was more in depth than i was going to go into originally so i'll make it like an actual blog post lol -

for now, no. it's still on an indefinite hiatus - i'm currently in college and have some chronic health problems that make it difficult to find motivation to work on this project specifically because it will be written only. however, my semester ends in about a month so hopefully around then i'll have the time and motivation to work on stars above in its new form :)

i want to work on stars above! i really do, so it's definitely going to continue at some point, hopefully soon

Moving Comic Pages

i am going to be moving all of the comic pages onto a new site as an archive, located here. deleting the comic pages here but will be leaving up other art - if you ever for some reason wanna reread stars above in it's old comic form, it will be located there from now on. i've settled on putting the new stars above here when i finally start it - it will be one image with mostly just text instead of like... an Actual comic

doing something

uhhhhh sorry this isnt something i'd usually do but.... if you want something in the meantime from me im working on a low-effort nuzlocke comic that i plan to work on alongside stars above's fic!! find it here!

one more break

over holiday break i'm gonna ACTUALLY try to get something of a buffer done, so updates will resume in the new year!



please bear with me!!! im sorry if it looks super funky with colors rn


Hi! im moving over from smackjeeves alongside a lot of my friends.... i hope to see some new faces!